2015-11-08 Meeting Notes -POTLUCK

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I.) Meeting Start time:

II.) Pledge of Allegiance

III.)  Attendance:  

IV.) Treasurer report: $3,960.39

-we received $100 for winning the Kiwanis’s citizenship award.

-we collected $824 in the October can drive.

V.)  Meeting Details

A.) Old Business:

1.) New officers

a.) President- Chasity Moody

b.) Vice-President – Jaden Camp

c.) Secretary – Jordan Travis

d.) Treasurer – Gracie Cheville

e.) Historian – Brailyn Tankersly


2.)  Laffey Park: The Laffey park project has been finished. We added landscaping timber, fabric and rock to the area.


3.) The following has awards to pick up from Tara at Nov. 8th meeting:

Jaden Camp

                Creighton Caple

                Marshall Day

                Mary Staudt
                Marissa Boege

Gracie Cheville

Chasity Moody

Shasta Moody

Jordan Travis

Elizabeth Balke

Seth Balke

Drake Caple

Morgan Day

Matt Deo

Clayton Leslie


B.) New Business:

1.) Sign up for Presentations or workshops

If anyone would like to do a presentation or do a leadership workshop, please let Tara know or email her at   We will try to fit it in people in the schedule. Members can team up or ask others that are signed up to help out.

2.) Rules

1.     Must come try to 3 three meetings during the 4H year and participate in one community project and try to participate in one community service project a year. We have an attendance sheet to show what meetings you have attended to keep track. If you think you should be on this list and are not marked for a particular meeting, please contact us. You can view it online here.


3.) New 4H apparel.

Please fill out forms and get back to Tara or Tawnia before Nov.22nd. We will pay for the ones registered and paid through the Story County Extension office.

You can drop them off at Tawnia’s office on Main Street, Tara’s office on Main street next to Logsdons, bring them to school and give to our kids, or mail them to:

Tara Huntrods

14142 NE 112th St.

Maxwell, IA 50161

4.) Jace will talk about his citizenship project of donating leftover food to be delivered to Senior Citizens. Anyone wanting to donate leftovers for the elderly there will be containers in the kitchen.


5.) Barns, Buttons, ‘N’ Bows Blue Jean ball will be Saturday, November 21st at 7:00 PM in the MACC.

                a.) Jordan, Chasity, Shasta, Gracie, Brailyn, and Phelan volunteered to help carry around items for auction. Can you still do this? Does anyone else want to volunteer?


C.) Our Next meeting is January 10th and we are meeting at 4:00 at the MACC.


D.)  Ceremony of installation of new officers.

President – Chasity Moody

Vice President – Jaden Camp

Secretary -  Jordan Travis

Treasurer - – Gracie Cheville

Historian(s) - – Brailyn Tankersly


VI.)  Meeting adjourned at 4:35 PM.


VI.)Short meeting with new officers at table with Tara.

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