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Write-Up Examples

Before starting your write-up, please find your section of your project under the static exhibits page from the Story County Fair website at this URL.
    --Try to find the section that mostly represents your 4H member's goal for their project.

Read the section thoroughly of the details and information they are looking for in your write-ups. For example, in Visual arts, they are looking for Elements of Design and Principals of Design.

All write-up should consist of answering three questions on paper for a judge.

1. What was your exhibit goal(s)? (What did you plan to learn or do?)

2. What steps did you take to learn or do this?

3. What were the most important things you learned?

 The write-up might be on a notecard, paper in a page protector, or even in a binder.
    Optional: may include pictures, resource list, etc.
    After fair – you may add your exhibit write-up to your county 4-H project record form as a support piece for your county 4-H project award application.

Food and Nutrition

Family and Consumer Sciences (Sewing and fabrics)


Visual Arts

Personal Development

Ag and Natural Resources
Environment and Sustainability-Bat House (Junior Level) -
Environment and Sustainability-Blue Bird House (Junior Level) -